We offer any necessary pad printing accessories. Apart from inks and pads, our range of accessories includes:

Steel clichés

Polymer clichés in both alcohol and water wash formulations

Ceramic rings

a. round:

  • 80x72x12 mm
  • 90x80x12 mm
  • 90x82x12 mm
  • 100x90x12 mm
  • 120x110x12 mm

b. elliptical:

  • 140x75x12 mm
  • 225x115x14 mm

Doctor blade

  • 20x0,15 mm
  • 20x0,20 mm
  • 25x0,15 mm
  • 25x0,25 mm

Screen film

  • 80/85% size 100x420mm
  • 80/90% size 100x300mm
  • 120/76% size 100x300mm
  • 120/86% size 100x300mm

We guarantee precise, professional cutting of custom-sized polymer and steel clichés.