Pad printing inks and screen printing inks production company Coates Screen Inks GmbH do not require referrals. Apply them in both large and small companies throughout the world. Our partners are watching how quickly the development and evolution takes place in all types of paints. Laboratories Coates Screen did not cease in their efforts to satisfy their customers. The result of their work are on the one hand, more and more print parameters such as antistatic, adhesion to the substrate, opacity and gloss, on the other hand reduced irritating effect. Paints tampon series TP300, TP260, TP218, TP313 received Certificate (USP Class VI) recommending them for use in medicine. All paints contain no heavy metals and meet the RoHS directive.

We recommend the C-MIX 2000 colour mixing system based on a limited number of 11 primary colours and allowing for obtaining colours according to PANTONE, RAL, HKS and other palettes.