W tej części prezentujemy wybrane publikacje firmy Coates Screen Inks, rozszerzające wiedzę techniczną użytkowników farb sitowych i tamponowych.
Przeczytanie ich pomoże wybrać najlepszą farbę dla podłoża, które ma być zadrukowane.

1. Informacje ogólne

 Factors Influencing Colour Reproduction
Film Insert Moulding – FIM
 Safety toys – EN 71-3-2019 + A1-2021
Screen and Pad Printing Inks for printing on Plastic Materials
All plastics
Inks for printing front panels of white goods
Processing of 2-component inks
Glass - an interesting material also for printing applications
Evaporation of solvents
Factors influencing light and weather resistance
It can't always be UV
Shelf life of inks in unsealed containers
Screen inks consumption
Screen printed effects

2. Farby do tampodruku

Pad Printing Inks
Environmentally compatible ink ranges
TP 318 - Innovation has a New Meaning
TP 400 - the trendsetter
2-component Pad Printing Inks
Printing on soft touch materials
Troubleshooting guide for pad printing
4-color process pad printing
Proper handling of additives for Pad Printing Inks
Overview Pad Printing Inks

3. Farby do sitodruku rozcieńczalnikowe

• Solvent based screen printing inks – a necessity
ZGM - the new multifunctional Screen Printing Ink for glass, metal, plastic
ZMN - the conventional and safe Screen Printing Ink
2-component Screen Printing Inks for industrial and technical applications
Rheology of Screen Printing Ink
Overview solvent based Screen Printing Inks
Solvent Based Screen Printing

4. Farby do sitodruku UV

SunVetro VTGL - New curing ink range for printing on glass
80UV range for printing on plastic hollow bodies
New products for finishing
UV special varnishes inks
UV curing Screen Printing Inks
Anti-Slip UV varnishes

5. Druk farbami UV

Low Migration and UV-Inks - the future of printing on Food Packaging
Curing of UV-Inks - understanding the technology
Curing of Screen Inks with LED technology
Process printing with UV-Inks
Production with UV-Screen Inks - necessary considerations

6. Kolorymetria

Farby fluorescencyjne
Opacity and Colour Saturation of Screen and Pad Printing Inks
Different measurment geometries

7. Bezpieczeństwo i ochrona środowiska

Labelling of products according to hazardous substance regulations
Skin protection
What does REACH mean